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My philosophy:

If you are an internet price shopper and happened upon this site, I may not be for you.  You may be able to find it cheaper, but there are many reasons why cheaper is sometimes NOT the best deal!

I price shop too.  But, I take a long look at the business where I intend to purchase.  When a business has a poor rating and a list of complaints including calling the customer with high pressure sales tactics, etc., I won't spend my money.  I don't want or need the hassles.  I WILL pay a little more to support a business with good ethics and a good reputation.  I want to make shopping a simple, helpful, and pleasurable experience for you.

Captain Gary New has given over $30,000 of products and services in support of worthy charities and conservation organizations over the years.  I fully intend to continue this policy of supporting the community that supports me.

I have lived in the Central Florida area my entire life.  I was born here and I intend to stay here.  I have been fishing and boating for most of my life.  I am a licensed Coast Guard Captain, and frankly, I am "boat poor," and anyone who owns more than one of these money pits knows exactly what I mean.  We do it because we love it!

In the age of the super, mega stores, I see a prevailing trend, and it disturbs me greatly.  The Wall Street Journal ran an article on it some time back referring to the "Waltonizing" of America, and expressed concerns over how the opening of mega store affected a community.  How, by opening, the mega store effectively shut down many community businesses, such as grocery stores, pharmacies, hardware stores, tackle stores, and a litany of other community based businesses.  The effects on the community were astounding and the same thing has happened in the marine industry.

Mom and pop, who had sodas, ice, snacks, and a small tackle shop have closed up shop and gone home.  Marinas and boat dealers have found that they cannot compete fairly and have limited the availability of products and services.  It is just too much work to compete and the margins are too slim.  Even most boat dealers carry a little to NO marine electronics, because they cannot compete.  These businesses have cut out the accessories side and must concentrate on what they do best to survive.  The mega stores have taken it all.  And we, the consumers, have lost a lot.

I love going to the mega stores.  It is a pitiful adventure.  Most of the time, I get somebody who knows absolutely nothing about what they sell.  And when it is obvious that the buyer is an educated consumer, they sometimes become offended and defensive.  In the end, they are not very much help at all.

That is why I've declared war!

An Orlando area commercial used to say, "Tires ain't pretty!"  Well, Marine Electronics ARE Marine Electronics!  Apples is apples and oranges is oranges!  I offer the SAME product as my competitors, at a GOOD PRICE!  What you want is a good price, help, and hassle free shopping, and that is what I want you to have.  I WANT to save you money too!

Captain Gary's is backed by Auction Associates.  A business established with a great reputation since 1985!  We believe in treating our customer in a fair manner!  We will NOT call you, unless absolutely necessary!  No salesman will call!  Nobody will try to ever up-sell you anything you don't want.  You order what you want and we deliver -- at a GOOD PRICE!

I don't offer extended warranties or service plans.  I have personally never found a use for them.  In fact, if I had all the money I could have spent on extended warranties, I could buy the very best marine electronics ever made (my personal opinion).  Some people like them but I don't have them available at this time.

I am a licensed USCG Captain.  I use many of the products that I offer.  If you don't see it on this site, please write to me and inquire.  I have access to many products that aren't listed on this site.

If you have read this far, then it is great to meet you!  And I look forward to building a business relationship with you!


Capt. Gary New, OwnerCaptain Gary
Discount Marine Electronics

Captain Gary's is a Proud Sponsor: - Proud Sponsor of June on the Lagoon! 

Capt. Gary is on the Florida State Management Committee of the Coastal Conservation Association, Florida.  I am also very active in my local Volusia County Chapter.


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